The Roosevelt Island
Red Bus Service
Phone (212) 832-4583

Red Bus

Hours of Operation

  Sunday - Thursday:  5:45 AM to 2:30 AM
  Friday - Saturday  :  5:45 AM to 3:30 AM
  Holiday Schedule  :  No Octagon Express Service

  Morning Rush Hours (M-F): 7:00 AM-10:00 AM 
  Evening Rush Hours (M-F): 3:00 PM-8:00 PM

 Click here for a printable copy of complete Bus & Tram   Schedule


 Fare Information

    MTA Metrocards are NOT Accepted   

   Passengers can ride the Red Bus for Free. No fare needed.

    Strollers and Shopping Carts must be folded upon operator's request (click here for stroller policy)

Bus Sign

Look for this Bus Stop Sign throughout the Island

Southbound Northbound
  888 Main Street / Octagon
  Comfort Station / Firehouse
  40 River Road / Manhattan Park
  Motorgate / Gristedes
  579 Main Street M &D Deli
  543 Main Street / Good Shepherd Chapel
  425 Riverwalk Commons
  Tram Station East
 Southpoint Park
 Goldwater Hospital

 Tramway Plaza
 502 Main Street/Youth Center
 546 Senior Center
 580 Main Street
 Northtown / Capobianco Field
 Motorgate / Gristedes / Post Office
 40 River Road (Opposite)
 888 Main Street / Octagon

Bus Stops at 10 River Road and not Motorgate  during rush hour from 7am - 10 am
 Click here for New RIOC/Q102 Bus Route

Shopping Bus Service

The Shoppers Bus service is available for seniors and disabled persons every Tuesday and Wednesday at the Senior Center (546 Main Street). Seniors and/or aide must have identification available before boarding the bus. Children are not allowed to ride the Shoppers Bus. Adults 18 and over will be allowed on the SB only if they are assisting a senior or disabled person. COSTCO shoppers must bring shopping bags and/or cart for groceries.

Participants of the Shoppers Bus are encouraged to notify the Senior Center 1 day in advance prior to boarding. Please contact Rema Townsend, Director of the Senior Center, at 212-980-1888 to be added to the SB list.


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