07/27/15 0700 - 07/28/15 0700  

07/27/15- 1320-540 Main St.-  Escort-PSD/NYPD responded. Condition corrected. 

07/27/15-2219- 50 Main St.- Graffiti- PSD responded. Grounds notified. 

07/27/15-2305-686 Main St.-Petit Larceny-PSD responded. Search was made. NYPD refused. 

07/27/15-2313-575 Main St.-Noise Complaint-PSD responded. Condition corrected. 

07/27/15-2342-540 Main St.- Disorderly Group- PSD responded. Condition unfounded. 

07/27/15-2354-50 Main St.- Criminal Mischief-PSD responded. Grounds Supervisor notified. 

07/28/15-0220-546 Main St.-Criminal Mischief- PSD responded. Urban America notified. 

07/28/15- 0510-510 Main St.-Hazardous Condition- PSD responded. Urban American notified.

An Incident Report has been filed with PSD on all of the above calls for service.

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