Tram Modernization Project

The Aerial Tramway Completion

In November 2010, New York City's iconic aerial tramway returns. Opened in May 1976, the Tram was the first aerial tramway system in the world to be used for urban mass transportation. It has been carrying over 2 million passengers per year for the past 34 years despite its original projected lifetime of 17 years. It was created as a temporary solution while subway service to Roosevelt Island was decades delayed and now it has been modernized, streamlined, and readied to serve New York City commuters and sightseers for the next thirty years.

Until the re-opening, RIOC buses to Manhattan will continue scheduled runs. Please check the RIOC website for updates on the Tram re-opening and bus schedule changes.

The once "stop gap" Tram's service has been integrated with the MTA's MetroCard system since 2005, providing Tram riders with the same bus and subway fare structure and transfer privileges enjoyed by all MTA passengers.

Now, everything but the bases of the three towers has been replaced and the stations on Manhattan and Roosevelt Island will be refurbished while the Tram continues regular service. This extensive renovation includes tower tops which have been swapped for new tracks that accommodate a wider gauge cable and "dual haul" system - a more advanced cable-propelled transit system that enables faster service and less turbulence in high winds.

Leading up to the Tram's projected November re-opening the system is undergoing extensive testing. It will be inspected by the New York State Department of Labor as well as New York City Uniformed Services prior to being officially "commissioned" for passenger transportation. Please check website frequently as resumption of service is contingent on extensive required inspections.